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When do I need to bring my gown for alterations?

Green and Blue Studio (GBS) needs at least two (2) months before you need your gown finished (not your wedding date) for a regular alteration. However, three (3) months at least is preferred. If you want us to complete your dress in less than two (2) months, a 30% rush fee might be applied. For a rush alteration in less than two weeks, GBS will add a 50% rush fee.

For bridesmaids/evening wear alterations we need at least two (2) weeks. For any work done in less than two weeks, GBS will charge 30% rush fee, for less then a week, 50% rush fee.


What do I need to bring with me to a fitting appointment?

It is essential to bring the shoes you will wear with your gown to all your appointments. If you are confident of the heel height and have other shoes that are the same, it is OK to use them for the fitting instead.

If you have selected your undergarments already, bring them as well. If not, we can advise you on the best option for you. We have a selection of shapewear and undergarments for sale in our studio.


Can I bring someone with me to my appointment?

Due to the limited size of our studio, we recommend bringing one extra person only (in non-pandemic times). The alteration process is often complicated, requiring concentration, and we want to be able to give full attention to you and your gown.

How does the alteration process work?

The initial consultation/fitting is generally at least two months before you need your gown finished and takes, on average, 30 minutes. At this appointment, all the necessary adjustments are decided and pinned. At this point, the deposit (first half) is due. The second fitting/pick-up is about 2-3 weeks before the wedding. If the gown fits at this appointment, you will take it with you, and the remainder of the balance is due. Sometimes, minor adjustments may still be needed during this appointment. Depending on the extent of the alteration, we will correct them while you wait or within a couple of days.

What if I am switching shoes from heels to flats during my wedding?


Your gown will be hemmed to shoes that you will wear for your fittings, usually your heels. That way your gown is a proper length for your ceremony and the majority of your pictures. For the second pair we recommend not more than 1/2 inch shorter hight for comfort and safety (potential tripping hazard).


Changing or canceling an appointment 

Our booking system does not allow cancellations online. If you would like to change an appointment you have booked online, please book a new one, and in the notes, indicate that you made a previous one. Alternatively, please email us to reschedule. To cancel, send us an email. Our appointment spaces are limited during the high season, and we appreciate a cancellation notice.



Is my dress going to be steamed after the alteration?


We press every seam that we work on, but full steaming/pressing of your gown we offer as an extra service. First, your gown is detail hand steamed/pressed, using commercial grade steamer or iron. The dress is then packed with tissue paper so it maintains its shape. This is usually done a day or two before the wedding, after the alteration is fully completed.​

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